Our mission is to promote alpacas as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable livestock to own in the USA.

Participation is by Application (with a one-time $30 Application fee) and via “sponsorship” by a Licensed A/USA Family member in good standing. Simply purchase products or services from a Participant named on this site, inquire about membership, or obtain their recommendation and sponsorship. Please review our "Join Us" page for more details! The subscription rate has historically included the both the website and the Licensing Agreement for the Premier Impact Movie, with special discounting for longer term subscriptions. Today, you have the option of ONLY SUBSCRIBING TO THE WEBSITE for a very low cost per year, and it includes HOME PAGE AD SPACE in rotation with the other members of Alpacas in the USA! APPLY TODAY!

Highlighted events

  • VAOBA Alpaca Expo
    Dec 06, 2014-Dec 07, 2014

Who We Are

We are a unique group of like-minded people working together to promote alpacas as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable livestock to own in the USA.

As a “Family Community,” the alpaca owners who join Alpacas in the USA! are dedicated to the principles of sharing, mutual support, and the provision of facts, experiences, and education to those new to alpacas and the universally valuable properties of alpaca fiber.

Here at Alpacas in the USA! you will discover exciting ways to buy, sell, and trade alpacas, alpaca products, and alpaca services … and you will learn how you, too, can own and enjoy Alpacas in the USA!

Because we limit the number of participating farms to no more than 20% of the number of ARI Herd Codes currently registered with the Alpaca Registry, we want to ensure the group is made up of sincere, responsible and quality alpaca breeders. This limit helps us avoid having a “sea” of farms visitors to our site will get lost in, and it helps our unique marketing tools remain just that – unique and not like what everyone else around us has!  Joining is achieved via Application and a short interview with a present A/USA member.  Please visit the “Join Us” page for more details, and do inquire about becoming a part of Alpacas in the USA!

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